How to Play

(1) Go to our web site:

(2) Read the rules and how to play information

(3) Open an account in the Login/Register Area

(4) Add Funds to your Account to play in paid contests (Ultimate, Advantage, Rival, and Nijafan) or you can play for free in the Free Challenge contest

(5) Review the games for the week and previous week and next week and select the contest you want to play in and start drafting your players. Note that you can always make changes to your drafted players up till 30 Minutes before the start of the first game of the week.

(6) Once the game is over, fantasylig starts to update the points. Allow for a few hours for the points to be verified and updated then log on to web site-> Navigate to Previous Week -> Click on View -> Click on Winners tab to see the Winners for that week

(7) Contest entries can be cancelled or updated at any time up to 30 minutes before the start of real life games. To update or cancel a contest entry, click on your log in name -> Click on Userid -> Transaction History -> Search for entry to update and under view, click on details -> Update or cancel entry. You may also click on My Entry -> Details and update entry.