Point Scales

Name Point Value
Goal (G)10
Goal Attempt (GA)3
Shots on Goal (SG)1
Assist (A)5
Blocked Shots (BS)1
Offsides (O)-2
Fouls Committed (FC)-2
Fouls Suffered (FS)4
Yellow Card (YC)-5
Red Card (RC)-10
70% to 100% Pass Success (PS-A)5
50% to 70% Pass Success (PS-B)2
0% to 50% Pass Success (PS-C)-2
Minutes - 0-45 (M0-45)-2
Minutes - 46-75 (M46-75)3
Minutes - 76-90 (M76-90)5
Own Goal (OG)-10
Hatrick+ (H)50
Goalie Clean Sheet (GCS)5