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You MUST be AT LEAST  18 years to join the  fantasylig web site. Create an account with your email and start contesting. Multiple entries are allowed

Fantasylig offers contests in four soccer leagues which are English Premier League (EPL), United States Major League Soccer (MLS), Nigeria Football League (NPL), and Spanish Laliga (Laliga)
The season starts in February and ends in November/December for NPL and MLS. EPL and Laliga season starts in August and ends in June of the following year.
The games are weekly contests and Fantasylig.  Fantasylig games are on the same schedule as the physical games.

The Draft
Contestants can draft players from any of the participating leagues (EPL, MLS, Laliga, and NPL). There is no cross drafting of players ie you cannot combine players from NPL and MLS, but you can draft from any team inside NPL or MLS or Laliga or EPL to create a team for a contest.
A maximum of 11 players can be drafted to enter any contest. In the 11 players, you can draft a maximum of 1 goalkeeper and a maximum of 4 players in any of the other positions. The other positions are Defenders, Midfield and Forwards. Contestants can create a lineup of 1-4-2-4 or 1-4-2-4 or any other formation as they wish.
Contestants are assigned a maximum of 60,000 points at the beginning of each contest from which they can draft players. Each player is also assigned points based on the value assigned to them by fantasylig.
Contestants have to draft a total of 11 players and the total points of all players have to be 60,000 or less before an entry is valid. Click on the + sign to draft a player. To remove the player, click on the - sign.
You can always edit your team up till 30 minutes before the start of the real game. Once its 30 Minutes before a game starts, contestants can no longer make changes to player selection.

Contestants can create multiple entries or contests to increase your chance of winning. You have up to 30 Minutes before the beginning of the first game of that week to cancel or edit entries.
Watch the player status as fantasylig changes player condition from Active to Unknown, depending on news reaching our office on player status. Fantasylig reserves the right to make those changes at any time without prior notifications
Total entries are pegged at 100,000 for each contest.

Contest Cancellation
All entry fees paid to compete in any paid contest (Ultimate or Advantage or Rival or Nijafan) is NON REFUNDABLE.  The minimum time to withdraw from a contest is one hour before the first game of the week starts. All games start times are listed at United States Central Standard Time.

With 19 different statistics scored for each player, almost every action is recorded on the soccer field. From goals to fouls to assists and so on. Fantasylig records and updates all statistics at the end of the game
Statistics is obtained from leading sports resource sites like and Fantasylig DO NOT make individual scoring decisions but the scoring does lock at the end of each match. 
Changes made by the league office after game is over and statistics locked down by fantasylig for contestants cannot be changed. For instance, if a player is given a yellow card and the league office rescind the card after two days, this does not impact your fantasylig score.

Point scales that are not uniform across the league or verified by fantasyligwill not be recorded for any player or contestant. For instance, if fantasylig cannot verify minutes played for some players in EPL, it will not be recorded for any player in EPL. If it can be verified for all players in MLS, it will be recorded for all players in MLS. Statistics from players in real soccer games for players that are not in fantasylig will not be recorded for any contestant. For instance, Joe Blow scores a goal for EPL in real game and Joe Blow is not a player in fantasylig, no points will be recorded for any contestant.

No points will be awarded to postponed or cancelled games and contestants will be notified by email or a bulletin posted on our Facebook or twitter page.
At the request of customers and fans, minutes have been replaced by total passes so its a stat that has been disabled temporarily even though its on the point scales in menu bar.

For NPL Only, All defense players are awarded 1 point for not conceding any goal while all midfield earn 1 point for scoring at least 1 goal and all forward earn 2 points for scoring any goal and winning the game. -1 point is awarded for all players in a team for loss or goalless games. 1 point is awarded to all midfield and forward players for tie games where goals are scored.

For list of statistics points, please check the point scales section of the web site -

At the conclusion of every week, player statistics are uploaded and assigned to contestants. Each contestant will see winners and points earned through players in the real league and the total points assigned to them and their rank, indicating how they have feared among all contestants. Contestants are ranked according to the points earned. Contestants with highest points is the winner for the week. Fantasylig make payouts according to the ranking as indicated in the prizes column. In the event that there is a tie, the prize money will be distributed evenly among all contestants that have equal number of points. For instance, if the highest person has a total of 200 points and the next 3 people have 170 points each, the second position prize will be distributed among the 3 people that came second. Contestants can create multiple entries and compete in any of Ultimate, Advantage, Rival, Nijafan and Free Challenge contests. All contests are fee based and you can win in all except for free challenge.
This is a weekly contest with no long term commitment and you can sign up to compete or back out at any time. 

You can withdraw your money at any time. To request for funds, simply click the withdraw tab on your account dropdown, select either paypal or check and provide relevant information to have your money sent to you. For Checks, please allow seven days to two months, depending on your location. Otherwise, payment is usually seven business days or less.

Contestants have to deposit money into their fantasylig account in order to compete in fee based contests. Contestants can always deposit money using credit card or paypal by clicking on Add Funds. For contestants from Nigeria, with no credit card, you can do a direct payment to a bank account as indicated in the Add Funds -> Pay with Naira (#) area of the web site. If you are having problems making any payment or adding funds, please reach out to us at Provide your name, email address, amount you want to add to your account in United States Dollars ($) and we can work out a means to collect the funds from you and add to your account.

Forget Username/Password
If you forget your password or username, you can reset both of them on the sign on page. It will send the information to your email on fantasylig record when you opened your account. Please note that the auto generate password my go in to you spam mail box folder.


Fantasy sports competition is considered a game of skill by most states in United States. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), exempts fantasy sports from being considered a bet or wager. There are slight differences regarding laws governing fantasy sports at state levels. Please check this web site before competing in fantasylig for additional information about fantasy sports laws in your state-
For players outside United States, please check fantasy sports league laws of your country or territory before competing.

UK Residents: This website is a business and commercial site for the use by NON UK (United Kingdom) residents.